An overall view of the organism on the energetic level

Holistic medicine views the body as a total system that can only function well if all processes run smoothly. If a disorder occurs in a single organ, muscle, bone or gland, all other bodily functions are more or less affected as well. In the case of a small disturbance, for example due to toxins, the body creates a balance in the interaction of all forces and repairs the damage.

However, if an organ or system is already weakened and not working optimally, it does not always make itself immediately noticeable through pain or other complaints. If this hidden physical disorder goes unnoticed, over time it can cause the energetic resilience of the whole body to drop. In addition, unpleasant symptoms may develop, either in the affected area itself or in a completely different location. It would therefore often be desirable to take preventive action before physical complaints even occur and the damage can only be repaired by costly therapies.
However, if a clinical picture has already developed, it might be useful to know about the energetic state of the whole body in order to choose the correct therapy.

Global Diagnostics Untersuchung

Each organism has individual reaction patterns

Now every part and system of the body, healthy or diseased, has an individual response pattern to weak, external stimuli. Based on this respective reaction pattern, valuable conclusions can be drawn about the condition and functionality of the organs or systems under investigation. This reaction pattern is recorded and evaluated with the innovative Global Diagnostics measurement system.
This gives us a lot of valuable information after the measurement. The energetic state of all organs, such as kidneys, lungs, heart… and systems, such as lymph, digestion, immune system, musculoskeletal system, etc., is made visible. We use this information as a basis for a correct diagnosis, simple preventive measures or a meaningful holistic therapy.

The measurement with the Global Diagnostics

The body is connected to the Global Diagnostics device via two electrodes on the feet. The measurement procedure is performed while the patient is lying down and is painless. In 8 minutes, the Global Diagnostics performed a precise measurement and evaluation of over 540 different measurement objects of the body.

Measurement results related to systems, functions, organs, etc. are immediately displayed pictorially on the computer – we can then explain what they mean.
Measurement with Global Diagnostics is technically exceptionally precise and reliable.

After an automatic electro-smog measurement (to exclude external interferences), more than 100 million individual measurements of the body follow. All measurements are then repeated to verify the results. Global Diagnostics and its results were confirmed in a recent study*. Quote:
“…Particularly noteworthy is the previously unmentioned potential of this bioenergetic examination: it can provide clues to hidden or just beginning pathological processes that are not yet detectable with conventional medical methods.”

*) Study commissioned by VITATEC, April 2007, University Hospital Graz, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Martie Truschnig-Wilders, specialist for immunology and for chemical and medical laboratory diagnostics.

Global Diagnostics Behandlung

Requirements for the measurement:

  • Lie still for 8 minutes
    Children can also be measured if they are able to lie still for 8 minutes.
  • Drink water
    If you did not drink much on the day of the measurement, you should drink a glass of still water before the measurement.
  • Clear feet
    The Global Diagnostics is designed to measure on both feet.