Many of our problems are hidden.

Listening, observing and touching bring some of them to light again. With the help of osteopathy, complaints caused by blocked joints, conglutinated tissues and tense muscles can be resolved. Many patients find a new point of contact in our practice in Stuttgart, often after years of fruitless attempts at therapy.

The human being is not a machine made of individual parts, although the spine could be considered a chain of small mechanical units. However, this unfortunately leads to the widespread notion that it can be repaired separately on its own. This is what the technologized human being in the 21st century is used to. The desire is as simple as it is understandable. Rarely, however, is there only one cause of dysfunction.

Osteopathy treatment

A harmonizing movement includes not only vertebrae, but also their intervertebral discs, vertebral joints, the capsule-ligament apparatus, muscles and fasciae, as well as the supply through nerves and vessels. To take this overall concept into account in the healing process is the goal of osteopathy.
From head to toe.

Where does osteopathy come from

140 years ago, the American physician Dr. Andrew Taylor Still recognized and named the principles of osteopathy. Since that time, osteopathy has continued to evolve, in the United States as well as in Europe and other parts of the world.

Osteopathy is an independent form of medicine that serves to identify and treat functional disorders. Osteopathic treatment is performed exclusively with the hands. The patient is considered in his/her entirety – on the one hand in the unity of body, mind and soul and on the other hand in his/her physical unity on all levels.

Our osteopath Steffen Heller has been able to help many patients to get back into harmony with their body through his enriched knowledge and his competence in this field. The treatments at our clinic in Stuttgart can be applied without any problems to infants, children, young mothers and pregnant women .

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